Igaware Private Business Server

The Igaware Private Business Server is a drop in replacement for Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS), Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory, but with major advantages; it's robust, secure, easy to use, and more competitively priced. It is also includes a UTM Firewall that protects your network and data.

The Igaware Private Business Server is compatible with any device; MS Windows, Apple OS and Linux. You can choose how you access your email and data without having to purchase expensive proprietary software.

The Igaware Private Business Server is a standalone physical server that can be installed on premise or in a data centre. This means you have total control over your data - you know exactly where it is, who has access to it, and can rest easy that you have a local backup. If you need to be compliant with data protection standards (e.g. GDPR, PCI) then Igaware ticks all the boxes.

Key Features:

  • Kopano Groupware
    Kopano Groupware is far more than just a replacement for exchange. In addition to email, calendars,tasks and contacts, it provides realtime messaging, HD video conferencing, and access to documents, through a choice of web and desktop clients. MS Outlook is supported, or you can use the Kopano desktop client (Deskapp) or web interface (Webapp). You can also use other clients such as Thunderbird. Learn more about Kopano Groupware.

  • File Sharing
    Centralised file serving on the Igaware Private Business Server allows documents to be stored securely and shared between authorised users and groups locally and remotely. The file server can be encrypted for extra security. There are many advanced features such as shadow copy and recycle bin protecting against lost work.

  • Active Directory Server
    The Igaware Private Business Server can be enabled as a Windows Active Directory Server allowing server management via Remove Server Administration Tools (RSAT). The server can also be setup as a Workgroup Server or Domain Controller.

  • Data Backup
    Data can be backed up locally and or offsite. If you accidently delete an important file, or lose all your business data in a disaster, Igaware backup options ensure you don't lose anything.

  • Security
    The Igaware Private Business Server runs a security hardened operating system that is continuously updated automatically. In addition the server has a built in UTM Firewall that includes firewall, vpn, intrusion prevention, email filtering, web filtering and reporting. See UTM Firewall for more details.

  • Easy to setup and administer
    The Igaware Private Business Server is setup and administered through a web interface. It has been designed to enable end users undertake day-to-day administration such as add/remove users and computers from the system. Initial installation is normally undertaken by an IT specialist, be it your own, or an Igaware partner. See our online demo.

  • Support & Updates
    Customers need an IT system to work 24 x 7 which is why we have engineered our software to be rock solid, secure and easy to use. Igaware servers are continuously updated ensuring they are always running the latest software and always secure. We are easy to get hold of by phone and email, and we can remotely access and diagnose issues in real-time.

  • Hassle Free Hardware
    The Igaware Private Business Server is delivered as a physical server, built to match your requirements. Should you outgrow your hardware it can be upgraded in minutes; bigger disks can be popped in, memory added, or disks can be put into a new server. There's nothing to build, no software to load and configure. The server is ready to use from day one.